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A comprehensive analysis pipeline for variant calling, quality scoring, annotation and interpretation of genomic variant data from whole genome and whole exome sequences.

MetaRich (Metagenomics Analysis Pipeline)

An assembly of computational tools for analysis of 16s rRNA and shot gun sequences, to analyze and interpret microbiome data from gut, skin, and more.

D'novo (De novo assembly, annotation and analyses pipeline)

For those rare species and their genomic components (plasmids to mitochondrial genomes), which are yet to be explored, we employ our de novo assembly and annotation pipeline, largely based on homology based and ab initio models.


An array of computational tools to sieve and characterize expression data, from a space of single genes to the level of pathways, between comparing conditions. Expands beyond just gene expression analysis, and explores isoforms and splice variants and more.

ProbeX (Microarray Data Analysis Suite)

Analysis of basic gene expression from any microarray platform to in depth exploratory analyses of the expression data, all packaged into one comprehensive suite of tools.

Junk-E (Small RNA analysis) (MicroRNA, siRNA)

So called "Junk DNA" has been understood to have more to it than just being "junk". In order to assist those researchers and clinicians exploring these small non-coding RNAs, be it from a microarray platform or sequencing platform, we have built Junk-E.

EpiX (Epigenomic Analysis Suite)

A combinatory analysis suite exploring the influences and impact of epigenetic factors on genome and its expression, including but not limited to the analysis of ChIPSeq, CLIPSeq, BisulideSeq etc.



HGVD is a corporate-domain archive, maintained at Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd, comprising a broad collection of human genetic variations involving the whole spectrum of common phenotypes and diseases. HGVD is an early 2014 initiative, to support the “Advanced Genome Interpretation Suite (AGIS)”, a clinical data analysis platform for analyzing and interpreting clinically significant sequence information from human genomes, developed at Leucine Rich Bio.

VRies(Variant Repositories)

A sub-domain of HGVD, containing manually validated and curated variant entries of disease and more, with current focus on rare diseases.

Microbite (Microbiome Database)

A comprehensive repository of micorbiomes, their reported impact on health and disease state of human beings, developed for evidence based analysis and reporting of micorbiome and metagenomic data.

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